Homeowner Rebate

The StormRewards Program will provide rebates to homeowners, businesses and others to install rainwater harvesting practices. The Program is closely linked to Low Impact Development (LID). LID is an approach to land development (or re-development) that works with nature to manage stormwater as close to its source as possible.

Please note that rebates are only available for new practices that have not yet been installed. Total reimbursement is limited to up to 75% of project cost and less than $1,000, and only one rebate is allowed per property. 

If you are interested in applying, please review the example landowner agreement and send a completed application to hrichard@coastalrcd.org or mail to 1203 Main Street Suite B, Morro Bay, CA, 93442. 

Rain barrel projects are no longer eligible. Proposed projects must be completed before September 1, 2016. To meet this deadline, we recommend participants talk with a contractor in advance of applying to further define the project and costs. Additional application periods in 2016 will depend on remaining funds.  Rain gardens, dry wells, porous pavers and other BMPs that infiltrate water are still eligible. We expect to run out of rebates this year, so it is in your interest to get your application in early.


Rebates are only available to residents in the follow areas:

  • City of San Luis Obispo;
  • City of Arroyo Grande; and
  • Unincorporated Town of Nipomo

All interested participants will be evaluated against selection criteria described below:

  • Minimum eligibility requirements
  • Amount of captured stormwater that reduces pollution
  • Preferred residence is in high density, high total connected impervious surface area (>50%) such as apartments or mobile home parks but not limited to those criteria exclusively;
  • Low income ranks higher and may not have match requirements;
  • Highly visible preferred.

Rebates are available for the following BMPs:

  • Bioretention Planter Box;
  • Disconnected Impervious Surfaces;
  • Dry Well;
  • Gutter/Disconnected Downspout;
  • Interceptor Trees;
  • Pavement Removal;
  • Rain Gardens


Am I Eligible?

  • I have verified that my address is in the City of San Luis Obispo, the City of Arroyo Grande, or the Unincorporated Town of Nipomo; and
  • I would score well based on the site selection criteria described above.

Find a Contractor

  • Choose a contractor using the Vendor Marketplace;
  • Choose a contractor knowledgeable on BMP installation; or
  • Decide to do it yourself (DIY).

Application & Pre-Inspection

  • Submit an application to the RCD during the enrollment period; then
  • The RCD will set up a pre-inspection with you.


  • Sign a landowner agreement; then
  • Build your water harvesting project according to the standard designs and specifications provided by the RCD.

Final Inspection

  • Set up a final inspection with the RCD for within 10 days after the project is completed.

Get Your Rebate

  • Submit the rebate package within 60 days; then
  • Receive your rebate within 8 - 10 weeks.